Creative people–truly, deeply, profoundly creative people–aren’t “just like everyone else” but more creative.

We think differently and act differently. We have different kinds of ideas and make different connections.

I call us Leonardos.

Hi. I’m Angie Dixon. My mission in life is to help Leonardos become more of who they are.

I write self-help books for creative people, beginning with The Leonardo Trait: How Creative People Can Turn Creative Eccentricity into a Life You Love and including 10 Impossible Ideas Before Breakfast and Live Your Writing Dream Now.

I’m restarting my blog, where I’ll talk about many things creative.

I’m also regenerating my weekly tips and twice-monthly newsletter, both for members of the Leonardo Nation.

I’m also offering individual coaching and putting together a group coaching program.

So, come on in. And check out the free stuff. I’m sorry I ate all the cookies.